It’s Not Too Late!

Jul 17 2017

Winter is upon us and it’s tempting to stay inside and cozy up in front of the fire or sit back in your favourite chair and read a book listening to the rain gently falling on the roof…

Or is it more like…

Crashing and splashing down on the cement paths from over flowing gutters, eroding the surface concrete with every splash & drip? Or have you noticed a small damp spot on the ceiling?  Did you or someone else forget to check and clean out the gutters and repair any storm water pipes before the rains came?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are not the only one and you are not Alone… But you do need our help!  It’s not too late! The  GB Concepts team can come and inspect your gutters and organise someone to come out and clean them out for you, check for signs of leaks on you ceilings and orgainse repairing anything they find at very reasonable rates.

Contact us NOW and arrange a free quote before your small water leak ends up costing you thousands!

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